How would you describe your style of photography?
Timeless. Our goal is to create the most beautiful story-telling images that you will treasure for a life time.

How much will the wedding photography cost me?
Drop us an email (together with your event date & location) and we’ll send you a full price list for all our services.

What are your booking terms?
To confirm a booking, we will need you to sign a contract and pay a non-refundable deposit.

How long will it be before I get my wedding photos or even album?
Depending on how peak the season is, usually you will get your wedding photos anytime within 6 weeks from your wedding date.

Do you provide videography / make-up services?
We specialize in wedding photography only but we could recommend other vendors for the videography or make-up services.

Is there any limit set for wedding shoots? Are you going to return me all the photos in VCD/DVD?
We will capture as many shots as we can during the wedding event. We will select the photos with proper shot and the final delivered images will be color-corrected, optimized and ready for printing.

How many photos can I expect for my wedding?
A typical full day (10 hours) wedding can averagely yield  more than 800 photos (Average 80 photos per hour), with all of them edited, delivered in high resolution with no watermarks of any kind.

What is photo editing?
The images will be color-corrected, optimized and adjust for better exposure and positioning. See http://www.penangphotographer.com/wedding/?p=221

Is the editing inclusive of face/body or background touch-up?
There will be additional charges.

Why we won’t give you a disk of unedited RAW files?
Asking a photographer to hand over a memory card, USB, or DVD of raw images is akin to asking an author to present you with their book in manuscript format: unedited, unformatted, and including the paragraphs and chapters that didn’t make it. A bundle of unedited, unprocessed images isn’t the whole story, the right story, or the finished story. You have to trust the photographer to produce a final version that’s just right, as right as a book is on publication, as a painting on hanging in a gallery, or as a sculpture upon exhibition. What you’re paying for is the complete product, finished by the photographer and making use of all of her or his skills. (Source from http://petapixel.com)

How about table-to-table shots during dinner?
This will usually depends on the situation. There are some guests which are less likely to oblige and due to time constraints, it will not be possible for us to request them one by one in order to cover all the table-to-table shots during dinner.

Do you cover outstation and international weddings?
We do! But, we need you to provide us with accommodation (depending on your itinerary) and transportation expense.

Do we need to provide you meal?
No necessary. But we will need you to provide us drink.

What are the cameras/equipment which you use for weddings?
We use Nikon or Canon brand DSLR cameras, flashlight and multiple range of lenses. We edit our photos using Photoshop and another 2 – 3 images editing software.

Can I share my wedding photos to Facebook, social medias or blog once I get the DVDs?
Yes! If you want to share them, we’re cool with that as long as you
1) make sure you resize the images to be much smaller so that they aren’t pixelated and fuzzy looking
2) give us photo credit under every photo.

Do you offer album / photo book?
It depends on the package that you have chosen. Our album take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. These albums / photo books are custom-designed by us and printed by the best album company in the nation.

Can we see the album / photo book design before it goes to print?
Yes, all type of albums / photo books but not including “Complimentary Photo Book”. We will put a design together using your favourite chosen images and then send an electronic copy of the page layouts to you for previewing and approval. We want your album to be as perfect as possible and to your exact specifications before going to print.

More questions? Feel free to e-mail us – lwt@grandmediaservices.com